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child specialist in delhi
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child specialist delhi
child specialist dwarka, gurgaon, Child Neurology in delhi, dwarka, gurgaon

Dr. Prof. Anita Sharma - MBBS (Medalist) MD (Ped), DM (Child Neurology) AIIMS

Ex. Senior Prof. & Chief Pediatric Neurology Consultant Child Neurologist, Max Hospital Saket, N.D.


Child Epilepsy, Neurology & Child Development

  • Child Epilepsy & Brain diseases
  • Management of Attention deficit & Hyperactivity
  • Autism Management
  • Complete management of cerebral palsy-Botox injection, Post - Botox Physiotherapy
  • Learning disability-diagnosis & management
  • Complete eye vision, hearing & dental check-up
  • Early intervention for high risk babies (0-3 Years)
  • Development assessment & management
  • Behavior & School problem
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Special Educator
       Child Neurology (Brain Diseases)
  Child Neurology in delhi, dwarka, gurgaon
Child neurology (brain diseases ) - Childhood epilepsy, diseases of brain, muscle & nerve. Holistic management of cerebral palsy, Autism, Hyperactivity, development assessment.
Neurophysiology ( EEG, NCV, EMG, VER, BERA )
Occupational therapist, physiotherapist, Speech therapist.
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       Dental Surgery (Teeth)
  Dental Surgery  Scaling
 Correction of malaligned    teeth
 Replacement of missing teeth    both acrylic, and metal cast    dentures
 Crown and bridges
 Dental Implants for    replacement of teeth
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       New Born, Child & adolescent Specialist
  New Born, Child & adolescent Specialist
Arcus Health care is serving for years, How do you ensure good health for your baby, now and in the future? What kind of vaccinations do you need to give your baby over the years? How to do parenting of adolescent ?
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       Epilepsy Treatment for children
  Epilepsy Treatment for children, Epilepsy doctors delhi, Epilepsy hospital dwarka
Knowing what to do when a child  has a seizure is an important part of treatment. But taking a longer view, the real objective of treating epilepsy is to stop seizures or control ., maintain the quality of life.....
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       Diabetes, Thyroid & Hormonal Disorders
  Diabetes, Thyroid  Hormonal Disorders
Diabetes and thyroid disease are both endocrine, or hormone problems. When thyroid disease occurs in someone with diabetes or in pregnancy , it can add to problems
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       Orthopedics & Joint Diseases
  Orthopedics & Joint Diseases
Knee pain is an extremely common complaint, and there are many causes. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed ....
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